5 Advantages of Increased Fan on Facebook

by alokcv199
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Everyone is constantly talking about Facebook, Facebook, Facebook and if you have not noticed, Facebook is no longer the next big thing, but the great thing. Form of social networking media, especially through Facebook has passed the stage of simply connecting friends and family, but now is part of business, especially in the area of branding and marketing.

Facebook for business now revolves around the creation of a Facebook page, the development of viral applications, videos and much more that goes into creating social marketing. However, it all comes down to a single KPI, the Facebook fan page.

How many fans you have on your Facebook page? How do you get fans? Do you buy fans? How to get followers? Is there software that can be used to do? What about tricks that can expedite the process?

The advantage of Facebook fans as many as possible is what can ultimately help bring sales revenue. However, prior to the primary objective, we can see other benefits of support.

Benefit # 1: Effective marketing

Your fans are your target audience. Once they have on their Facebook page, advertise almost anything you want (but please be wise not to spam your fans) and will be more effective, since they are the right audience you are targeting. The creation of competence in Facebook does very well in the harvest of the audience with specific demographics.

Benefit # 2: Busiest

Whatever the link or website is intended to address your fans now has a chance of raking in more traffic. Did you also know you can enter the “As” to your website that can serve in terms of increased traffic as well? Every time visitors click on the button, the information on your website is shared with their friends via News Feed, which can result in more traffic.

Benefit # 3: Forest Fires viral effect

Want your news to travel faster and with more people? Every time you send a message to his Facebook page, we know that has enormous potential to appear in the news feed to your fans. “Contents may vary from links to web pages, photos, videos, and survey questions many more. This content can go viral when you have a huge fan base.

Benefit # 4: Facebook Page Analysis

This is more of R & D on their Facebook page. Associated with each page on Facebook is an analysis component called “Perspectives”. Detailed information about fan activity on the page, and demographic information. This is very important for the purposes of market research.

Benefit # 5: Ability to email

Facebook page has another ability that is amazing once the “Like” page, which add to their fan base and messaging function contained in the Management Console page, you can send the style of broadcast emails to all their fans. Say for example you would like to make an announcement about a contest for my fans, you can do with the messaging function. You can even target based on demographics such as location, gender or age.

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